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Desert Dunes

Absurdist Casual Visual EP

Absurdist Casual Visual EP is a musical surreal short film where musician, Will Lowell, follows his muse through a series of dreams for inspiration.

For festival release Fall 2023.

WILL LOWELL's music can be found on SOUND CLOUD

Will Lowell has an eclectic style to his music, mixing genres and experimenting with new beats and combination of influences from Psychodelia Lofi, to Hip-hop and trap with jazzy flavors.  There is something for everyone. Will is sharing his first visual ep short experimental film to promote his music and connect with filmmakers at the festivals.

Directed by Kenneth Best & Rebecca Allen




Will Lowell

Chloe Erickson

Kenneth Best

Ill Santana


Executive Producer

JB McCauley


Rebecca Allen

Kenneth Best

Dance Choreography

Chloe Erickson


Ethan Scheiner
Director of Photography Green Screen
Lisa Stoll
First Camera Assistant
Marc Moraitis


Rebecca Allen

Production Assistants
Ismail Davis

Brent Smith

Logan Smith


Foot Tracks on Sand
Foot Tracks on Sand

Will Lowell Music

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